Mop Yarn, Broomcorn, Tampico, Wood and Metal Handles
Angle Brooms, Corn Brooms, Deck Mops for OEM

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Mon, March 23, 2015

Thanks to all our fellow suppliers and loyal customers who stopped by our booth on Friday! We look forward to continuing our relationships and future opportunities! See you next year in Bonita Springs!

Stop by our ABMA Booth this Friday!

Wed, March 18, 2015
Be sure to stop by our booth at the ABMA Convention March 20 and check out our show specials and samples.
Bart Pelton, Ron Cherryholmes and Katie Pelton will be happy to see you!

Our Services

  • Competitively priced raw materials and finished goods
  • Custom solutions to your sourcing & supply chain needs
  • Our Mission: Quality, Integrity, Service


  • Made to order, specialized items, and high quality stock inventory
  • Raw materials to the Broom, Brush,Mop, Paint Applicator, & Garden Tool Industry
  • Wood handles, metal handles, tampico & yucca fiber
  • Open end, Dreft, Blends, Cotton, Rayon Mop Yarn 
  • Craftmaker and Artisan supplies


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